Lost in the Living kino launch 14.06.18 Germany

I am delighted to announce my first feature film, Lost in the Living, will be released theatrically in cinemas in Germany (starting in Berlin) on the 14th of June in conjunction with Darling Berlin & UCM.ONE. It has been a long road but we finally made it. We invite you to check out the dates, locations and times of the screenings on the poster below and to come along and experience the film in it's natural habitat, summery Berlin. The first screening will take place on the 14.06 in the Lichtblick Kino at 18.00, with another that evening at ZUKUNFT Freiluftkino Pompeji.  Some cast and crew will be in attendance and I will be answering questions after the Freiluftkino Pompeji Screening. Saal 2 and Kino Intimes will also be screening the film later in the month. 


So there has never been a better time to steal away to Berlin for a cheeky weekend, grab a beer leave the World Cup alone for one evening and join in our celebrations. Please post, share, like, slag off, visit, tell you mate who lives in Berlin now or just react in your own private way to our news. The film is playing in Berlin!!! R xx :)