Robert Manson (*1985) cut his teeth as a film director making videos in Wicklow as a kid. He has come a long way since graduating from the National Film School, Dublin, in 2008 and co-founding Annville Films. He has been making his mark in the Irish film industry with short films for the past number of years. “The Silver Bow”, which won the Taylor Art Award in 2008, has since travelled the world with screenings in over eight countries and more than five nominations and awards. Recent shorts “Downriver” and “Rickshaw Rick” have been screened at several festivals nationally and internationally.
Robert took the big leap into feature films and with his debut “Lost in the Living” which was shot on location in Berlin. This project, developed through MEDIA funded ENGAGE, was pitched to a panel of industry professionals in Helsinki and had its world premiere at the Achtung Berlin Film Festival in April 2015, where it was presented with the 'Best Director' award. Robert set up a new company Ballyrogan Films in 2015 and now lives and works between Wicklow and Leipzig.